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  • St. Patricks Day Parade

    "Council members marching in the annual Mineola St. Patricks Day Parade"

  • St. Patricks Day Parade

    "Council members marching in the annual Mineola St. Patricks Day Parade"

  • Papal Bleessing

    "On the occassion of the Council's 70th Anniversary, Bishop Raymond Chappetto, our Chaplain, presented the council with a papal blessing."

  • Semenarion Support (RSVP Program)

    "Grand Knight Brian Ennis and RSVP Chairman George Pellechia were invited to the Seminary to celebrate Palm Sunday with the Semenarians in our program."

  • Village of New Hyde Park Memorial Parade

    "Council members marched in the Annual New Hyde Park Memorial Day Parade."

  • Council Free Throw Contest

    "Free Throw contest held at Our Lady of the Snows Gym. These are our volunteers and contest winners."

  • Special Olympics Program

    "Our Special Olympics Program just started it's 8th season. These are our volunteers and team members."

  • Family of the Year

    "Our Family of the Year for 2012 is the Renta Family (Joe PGK, Carol, Kristin and Brian)"

  • Knight of the Year

    "Our Knight of the Year for 2012 is Dan Garcia"

  • Parish Breakfast - Notre Dame

    "Member Volunteers cooking for the Parish Breakfast"

  • Hawaiian Night

    "One of our dances is Hawaiian Night. Members having a great time"

  • Hawaiian Night

    "Part of the Entertainment is the Dance Alhoa Dance Troupe."

  • Childrens Christmas Party

    "Our Christmas Celebrations includes our annual Childrens Party"

  • Supreme Poster Contest

    "Winning poster for the Council Poster Contest and also a winner in the Supreme International Contest"

  • Decorating the Council Hall for Christmas

    "Each Christmas, member volutneers decorate the Council Hall for the Christmas Holidays"

  • Decorating the Council Hall for Christmas

    "A couple of members taking a break from decorating"


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New Hyde Park Council


Founded February 15, 1942

About Us

Back in 1942 fifty-eight male residents of the New Hyde Park area felt that they wanted to get involved in religion, in charity, in a united organization, and in each other. The answer to their needs was The Knights of Columbus. Requirements, as set forth by Supreme, were met by eager men who knew what they wanted. On February 15, 1942 , New Hyde Park Council #2852 became a reality. The framed charter, bearing fifty-eight names, proudly decorates the business office wall of our Council home today.
Memory recalls a small structure on the property of our building site, which was called the Red Barn. Every member knew that once the Red Barn was torn down, our new building would not be far behind. Ground breaking took place on Columbus Day in 1961. In June of 1962, our doors were opened to all, at a formal dedication. In 1990 renovations were made to the building as you see it today.
New Hyde Park Council is particularly pleased with an innovative idea that one of its leaders planned and turned into one of our proudest hours. In 1984, the first annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony took place in New Hyde Park. Since that time the celebration has been expanded, through a New York State Resolution, to Councils throughout the nation and elsewhere. This conceived plan to combine the spiritual beauty of the coming of Christ with the fraternal strength of our Knights has been the most successful endeavor of this Council since the dedication of its home. This event has made this Council proud.
Our Council is also proud of those members who initiated a wake service for the deceased. Our service was later recognized as the official New York State Wake Service, which has been adopted by Councils throughout the state.

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